2000W Quick charge technology with bidirectional inverter Automotive Grade LiFePo4 Battery 

Short Description:

2000W rated output power and 648000mAh battery capacity.

Bidirectional fast charging technoogy Charge from 0% to 100% within 2 hours
Support PD 45W and QC30. quick charge

MMPT technology/ Improve 15% of charging efficiency

Pure sine wave inverter/ provide safe and stable output waveform with no damage to electronics.

Super safe protection

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Product Features

1. AC, USB-A and USB-C output ports are in one product. BT series flagship product AC outputs 300W~600W power and modified sine wave & pure sine waves are available. To meet different capacity needs of users and outdoor and other application.
2. Automobile grade LiFePO4 cell with high energy efficiency and safety, low energy consumption.
3. Large capacity design and long battery life. Equipped with fast charging equipment, charging time is faster.
4. Multiple intelligent safety protection design, no matter charging, discharging or standby, can easily deal with over charge, overload, over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature and other abnormal conditions.
5. The product is manufactured by metal, sturdy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, compact, convenient for outdoor travel.
6.220V or 110V AC output, USB-C output and PD output, which can charge multiple devices at the same time.
7. Household and office small electrical appliances can be used. BMS power management scheme and voltmeter display, high accuracy, easy to use and easy to identify.

Advantages & Characteristics

1. The discharge rate of the product is as high as 99.8%, 29.8% higher than that of the same industry.
Most of the energy storage power supply below 500W on the market can only discharge 60% ~ 70%. Our products can discharge 99.8% of the battery (the last grid will automatically shut down).
2. Three charging modes are supported
First, power cord. Second, solar panel charging. Third, adapter
3. The product has passed the CE / FCC / RoHS / PSE certification, and the built-in battery has passed the MSDS / UN38.3 certification.Europe, the United States and Japan and other mainstream countries can rest assured sales.


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