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Company Profile

Shandong Yilin Energy Technology CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of outdoor portable power station, outdoor power solution and OEM/ ODM portable Solar Generator, portable solar panel. It is mainly good at outdoor power supply technology for portable lithium battery. All products have passed CE/ FCC/ RoHS/ PSE certifications. and the built-in battery has passed the MSDS/ UN38.3 certifications. It has strong technical force and has the international leading level of positive and negative pole automatic production lines. With more than 50 engineers in R&D team, strictly QC management and excellent after-sale service. Its products are mainly exported to more than 80 countries including United States, Japan, Germany, UK, Italy. Where there is the SUN, there is Light. Welcome to change the whole world better together.

Advantages & Characteristics

With 100V ~ 240V and household voltage almost the same high voltage output.

It is more safe and reliable for loaded equipment.

Three charging modes are supported

First, power cord. Second, solar panel charging. Third, adapter

The discharge rate of the product is as high as 99.8%, 29.8% higher than that of the same industry.

Most of the energy storage power supply below 500W on the market can only discharge 60% ~ 70%. Our products can discharge 99.8% of the battery (the last grid will automatically shut down).

The product has passed the CE / FCC / RoHS / PSE certification, and the built-in battery has passed the MSDS / UN38.3 certification

Europe, the United States and Japan and other mainstream countries can rest assured sales, support sea and air express and other channels of transportation.

The product conversion rate is more than 90%, which is more than 15% higher than that of peers.

The conversion rate of energy storage power depends largely on the cooling speed of circuit board and battery. The shell of our products is made of aluminum alloy,Three cooling fans with high efficiency and low noise are used inside, which is easy to dissipate heat and greatly improve the conversion rate of the product.

BPS600 supports the function of charging while using

In case of power failure, the power supply can be automatically switched to power supply within 5ms, It can achieve continuous power supply without dropping the line.